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screensaver reviews This is how the StarMessage users feel about the program
Jenny Garris This is a wonderful Screensaver and with the added attraction of allowing you to express yourself with neat scrolling messages across the bottom as well as a bouncy one. Every night you will know what moon light we have, or not as well as each full moon, knowing it's unique name.
Olivette Turbeville After all these years I STILL adore your screensaver. I don't know how I'd be able to face my machine everyday without seeing the universe shinning back at me. Seven years... and I still don't use any other screen saver.
Melange Very Sweet screensaver.. I really am enjoying it very much.. It has nice features, looks great and you can personalize it. I really liked the personal attention I recieved after I purchased it.. Thanks I am very happy with the product..
Fiona Avery One of the most versatile and fun screensavers I've seen, and totally free of all the annoyance of popups and advertising that so many others have.
Ruth Lawton I love to fish and shrimp. They are more active coming upon a full moon, and StarMessage will keep me aware of the moon's phases. If my freezer gets more full this year, I can thank StarMessage.
Judy Powell I am so thrilled to have found you--inadvertently--once again! Many years ago I had your screensaver on my computer. This was back in Pentium II days! I, too, am a lover of the moon and the stars, and I loved that screensaver and the heart of the person who created it. Now, through the moon phases gizmo on my Google home page, I find you again!! Thank you for still being there and for your most wonderful screensaver.
Linda Mays Starmessage's web site was a blessing for me, I was so glad to see that some one came up with this screen saver. I have not found anything like it and I have search for a long time. Thank you Mike and all whom help you with this web site. New Moon site watcher.
Luise I think Star Message is uniquely positive and uplifting. The "extras" are fun and the quality is beyond compare. I lost it in a hard drive crash and re-installed it as soon as my new hard drive arrived!
Thank you for a perfect screen saver that has always worked beautifully!
Mot Kimbrough I started collecting various s/savers when I first got a computer, always loved them, this one has always been my favorite , after all these years, I LOVE it, I use it regular, I felt I should pay for it, I was using it so much, and wanted any extras that came with the register, thanks so much for making this program!!!!
S Bridge From the several screensavers that I have seen and/or tried over the years, this is the only one that I have found that combines humor, sentimentality and technical information.
Deb Norris I wanted a screen saver to help my granddaughter sleep. The music and watching the stars move was just the thing.
It is a great program for "night owls" the calming music plus the relaxing movement of the stars puts my grandkids right out!
Ronald G. Cosseboom I LOVE this product!
It is wonderful to sit back and watch the stars "fall into place"!
Blessings and thank you.
Bernardine Boudreau I find my 'Star Message' screen saver set up to be the most relaxing and soothing "events" during my hours of computer work. If fact I have set it come on within 1 minute of idleness and included the birds chirping. This sound effect is so realistic that I have had a number of people sincerely ask if I have a bird in here with me. My Star Message Screen Saver has been the best 'stress reliever' I have experienced in my work space to-date.
Cathey Holley I did an extensive google search and found many programs that fell way short of what I really wanted...finding starmessage was like finding someone of like mind that knew exactly what I wanted! This program is a well developed screensaver with accurate moon phases in an interesting format. It allows for personal touches and individual creativity! StarMessage has a bit of something for everyone!
Teresa Maher I really like this program, its fun and kids love to watch for new messages....
Kim Irish Awesome and BEAUTIFUL program, best screensaver I've ever come across with many personal features. I purchased it even though I know how to power down my monitor automatically and really don't need a screensaver!
Michelle The graphics are very cool and I like that I can add my own messages too. What I am praying for and visualizing for the love, healing, and peace of humanity can be written as a "focus" and the stars spell it out!
This program is quite creative and incredible! I am going to highly recommend it to all of my friends and family! The creator of this program knew what he was doing when he created this great program...his "vision" is ours to share! Thanks for a fantastic idea! I hope everyone purchases a copy of this program and uses it daily! ~ Love, Light, and Peace to ALL...Michelle
Judy Chonak Any student of nature-based faiths would find this a charming daily reminder of the lunar cycle, and your own personal devotions you follow in tune with the Universe's movements. And it's fun!
John Wilkins, USA this space is too small for me to describe the high regard I have for StarMessage. Michael has a wonderful product!
Hadie Starmessage is great fun and useful too.
It has it all! It writes things in the stars, counts your life, snores, quotes famous people and others, shows you a beautiful image of the moon in it's current phase, and much much more!
Ginger Adams I heard about star message many years ago, when you were just starting out, by looking for screen savers about the moon and stars. I downloaded your trial version, and it blew me away. I finally talked my husband into lets get this screen saver, because we didn't have a lot of money, but this was the first and only one we have ever loved, and purchased.
It was great. and it still is from my point of view.
Todd Maurer Knoxville, TN A marvelous screensaver! The only screensaver I EVER thought was worth buying!
Mary Murphy I get loads of compliments on my star message screen saver.
I love it!!! well worth the small amount to get it!!!
Terry, United Kingdom A wonderful program and different from all other screens savers. It  was ideal for my first on-line purchase. It certainly brings home the fact the sky is a vast and unknown place. We were made in the stars and one day we shall return to the stars. What a novel way to let them (the stars) know that you are coming. Best Wishes, Terry
Jim Halifko A beautiful way to remain aware of the current phase of the moon (and plan your sky viewing).
Erica Sedero North Carolina Hi Michael!
Just wanted to write you a little note to let you know that I love your Star Message program and the QuickPhase Pro. I ordered them both. I love them.
They help me keep up with the quarters of the moon and let me know in advance when I come to the computer when is the next full moon. I am so fascinated with the moon and the stars and astrology and also with the sun.
Thanks so much for coming up with something that is so enjoyable. Happy New Year!
Dreane Swanson I think this a wonderful product. I love the stars and the night sky, and StarMessage captures all its magical aspects.
Marilyn Stone
It is beautiful, I enjoy seeing the phases of the moon even when clouds are obstructing the view, I like the little jokes like the silly hopping frog disguised as the "ok" button, your funny messages reminding me to register, my family noticed it when they were here on Thanksgiving and thought it was neat...
StarMessage is amazingly beautiful and surprisingly easy to install and configure -- even to me, a real novice with computers. The moon and star images are realistic and fascinating. The free trial is a great way to try it and see for yourself.
Cathey Holley
I love this screensaver... It takes me away from the stressful daily routine and gives me peace. I searched for several months to find the perfect screensaver with realistic quality and after 6 months of use, I have no complaints...and my husband says that is a miracle in itself!
Lee Strausberg
I love the screensaver.
It's very visually pleasing and interesting because things change all the time.
I love the random birds chirping in my house ... and the rooster in the morning! (although my dogs always try to find him!) Being able to personalize messages makes this extraordinary.
I really appreciate your efforts!.
Hello Michael,
Thank you for the new activation code for my Star Message Screensaver. I downloaded the new version 3.07 and everything works fine.
I have shown it to a few of my friends and don't be surprised if you get a couple of orders for it. My 3 grandsons really love seeing their names formed by the stars and seeing their pictures float across the sky.
Craig Borgardt
StarMessage is a wonderfully thought out screen saver with some practical applications, especially for those who wish to known the moon's phases.
Star Message reminds me of my place in our marvelous universe. It's great to keep you humble.

Quite simply it just makes the world a nicer place, and I love your sense of humour!! I can't wait to start sending messages to my friends when they get it up and running too. love & love Su x.
I saw it on someone's laptop. I Loved it at first sight.
Susan Kelly
I love it!!
It's very relaxing, watching the stars swirling around to write things in the sky (especially in the middle of the day). It's nice to be able to find tonight's moon phase without search engines, and the feature to leave messages for other family members is pretty cool!
Desirae Olson
I don't usually purchase Screensaver programs. StarMessage is unique and fun. I recommend this screensaver for everyone.
Teresa Ehling
This is the coolest screensaver I have ever seen and the only one I would, and have paid for. It is not only beautiful but functional as well. I have been through many cutesy screensavers over the years but I always came back to the trial version of Star Message. I finally just bought it because I now know I?ll never use anything else. They have never made anything else that even compares. It?s not just a screensaver. This is Its really amazingly entertaining.
Donna A. San Diego, CA
I love knowing the phases of the moon. I like being able to countdown to a special occasion. I love that I can *announce* things in the stars! I also love the little lullaby tune you have as an option when the screensaver turns on. I also like that I'm able to make a cool announcement on the screen saver and send it to friends.

I LOVE StarMessage! It is the only screen saver I have used for the last 5 years. It doesn't interfere with any of my programs. It doesn't make my computer 'lag' as many screen savers do and when I've had a few questions regarding changing the program over to my new computer I have gotten a response almost immediately!

Victor Jasin
StarMessage has a very appealing combination of novel configurable info for the trivia fan and a soothing/calming background that is the stars. For the appealing things it does the price is very modest.
Martha Kimbrough
I collect s/savers, however this StarMessage is my favorite, I like the stars twinkling, rearanging, to form quotes, the pale pink moon, the ocean sound, and the way I can personalize it with different quotes, it's just all around the best.
Gloria Wilford
If you enjoy a starlit sky, seeing when the moon is waxing, waning or full and knowing the name of that months moon, or would thrill at being able to write your own message in the stars for all to see when they gaze at your computer screen, then you will LOVE using 'StarMessage'.

This program is OUT OF THIS WORLD, yet it doesn't cost an astronomical amount! For a very small amount of earthling currency, StarMessage delivers this heavenly view to your monitors screen.

In my humble opinion StarMessage is one of the greatest programs ever devised by man!

Fran Oppenheimer
Writing my great granddaughters name in the stars and letting watching her see it for the first time with her 10 years old eyes !
Star Message makes me smile every time I see it. I love it!
Val. Edwards
My two young grand- daughters are fascinated by the whole thing. Their mother died last year and they leave 'I love you Mummy' messages saying they are 'for Mummy to read in heaven'.
Sandra Miles.
Lodi Ca
I have had Starmessage on my desktop for a year now and find it calming and very useful as I follow the moon, the time telling feature is really good for those with vision impairment, it makes a beautiful screensaver that is also useful. I recommend this program to any and all, I feel anyone could find at least one feature that they enjoy, try it.
Dan Hollister
This screensaver is worth every penny. It is original and there is nothing out there like it, not that I've seen.
Pilar von Känel
Dear Michael,
I thank you very much for your help by re-installing my "Star Messager". Since I bought my new PC it was something that I missed most. I missed your sense of humour; your messages and my most relaxing wave sounds in this mad world in which we live. Please, don't give up. You are one of those rare people (nowadays) that transmit LOVE and PEACE all over the world. I certainly wish you to reach the STARS that you deserve. I'll do my best to invite my friends to your program. Love and Peace.
Edward Strange
The slow movement of the moon. The little "meteors" that streak down. And the ability for the stars to spell out the current time. VERY neat! I usually select no sounds when running StarMessage, but on some sleepless nights (my computer is in my bedroom), I use the "sounds of the sea" option. Knocks me out in no time flat!

And the current full moon name scrolling at the bottom is VERY cool!

I can honestly say that there isn't a single aspect of StarMessage that I do not like. It's been my favorite screen saver for over 4 years now. Considering that I change the skins and wallpapers of my desktop on a daily basis, but I keep the same screen saver....
I think that says a lot about your wonderful program.

Elizabeth Mills Dear Michael,
I completed registration of StarMessage (and filled out and returned your questionnaire) and wanted to thank you for continuing to offer this lovely program. I had StarMessage on my first computer, back around 1997, and loved it. When that computer went to silicon heaven, I somehow never got around to buying another copy of your program. I used only freeware programs on the computers I've had in the years since, not because I didn't want to spend the money but because I wasn't particularly thrilled about the computers. But I just recently purchased my first notebook computer, which I just love, and I knew that there was only one screensaver that was worthy to adorn it: StarMessage.

It's a wonderful program in every way. It's very simple to install and configure and operates wonderfully, without any problems. The configuration options are especially nice; it's great to see my favorite quotes spelled out by stars! The Easter eggs (the "did I scare you?" screen and the jumping 'okay' button, for example) are gently funny--the sort of small mischief perpetrated between friends. And maybe that's what I like best about StarMessage...the preexisting options and control panel contents were written with such warmth and kindness that every time I open the configuration window, I feel like I'm visiting with an old friend. It isn't fashionable to use the word 'nice' these days, but no matter what the cynics say, nice matters. StarMessage is nice, and was clearly written by a nice man. In a cold and increasingly anonymous world, encountering simple niceness a continent away--and seeing one of the products of that niceness on my monitor every day--adds comfort and a small, quiet joy to my life.

Thank you for StarMessage, Michael.
Warm regards, Elizabeth Mills

Suzanne Westphal  
Installed just fine. This is the first screensaver I've ever felt was worth paying for. I've had a computer for 8 years so I've seen my share of them!
Olivette Turbeville 
I have loved your StarMessage screensaver since I first laid eyes on it in 2000. I haven't wandered far from my screensaver in four years, not because I am dull and seek no diversion... quite the opposite... I LOVE the stars and moon and simply NEVER tire of them. Other screensavers that I experiment with just don't keep me as happy within days of the diversion. I always revert to my beloved STARS and keep adding more messages and countdowns to my special events - which keep me and my computer 'guests' (people who look over my shoulder) extremely entertained. I think there is a comedian in me that escapes daily - via the messages I write in my stars.
Leslie Jomaine
Starmessage Screensaver is a truly positive and beautiful tool to lift the spirit whenever I turn on my computer. Thanks to this program my heart  can dwell in higher thoughts than my everyday workaday life. . . it reminds me that there is love all around me.
Becky Satterfield
StarMessage is Great! Truly, I never figured I'd see my name written in stars across the sky!
Chuck McDowell
Richmond, Virginia
It was a stroke of luck Mike, I was looking for a decent 3d space Screen saver and somehow I stumbled on to your small part of the Universe, and that's when I decided I had to have it, and for ten Bucks there was no way I could go wrong.
There's not another Screen saver that can come close to the Quality and the all Around uniqueness.?
It's like having five screensavers in one, because of all the features it has you can enjoy just watching it listening to it, it will change your bmp's, get your e-mail, it's got a built in reminder, it has very soothing sounds effects it has A way to let you know when the top of each hour comes around, and so many other interesting things you can do and watch and listen to.
It's nice every now and then to buy something and know without any Doubt you got what you paid for and a whole lot more, usually it's the Other way around.
Janice Brown
I downloaded the trial and was so pleased with it I HAD to register it. It's great to look at, its a good communication tool. I leave greetings, messages there for other family members.
Its amazing and practical, worth every penny and A+ customer support. What more can you possibly ask for?
Linda Perry
You have done a terrific job on the entire program, I love it. Keep up the great work.
StarMessage reminds to shoot for the moon because, as they say, even if I miss, I'll end up among the stars!
Scot Sanders
This screensaver is way above the rest! Must be downloaded and if you feel it in you heart, register.
Louise Boldt. Buffalo, NY


Out of all the extraneous garbage, this truly beautiful piece of work, after 2 1/2 years, has never ceased to inform, fascinate, and provide a specially serene place for me, on an otherwise unwanted window to the world. It's stupendous, Mike. All the BEST to you for this awesome gift.
Sherry Smothers
Sarasota, FL
Feb,6  2004


A This is by far the very best screen saver one can find. Lost hard drives etc....I will reinstall each and every time. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second. Who can ask for more than the 'moon and stars'??
Thank you, are the best!
Sue Baker


I have used it for years and haven't found anything that comes close to are way ahead of your time Michael. It is so easy to leave messages for my husband. The cycles of the moon is great to keep track of....we have looked at the screensaver and gone outside to see a beautiful full moon. You are very much appreciated in our household.
Ann F. Lindwall, Seattle, WA


Star Message is the best. If you are looking for a screensaver that is fascinating, educational, calming in our busy, busy lives, try it.
It's worth it. I'm always looking for something different, that's new, innovative, creative and beautiful. Make it a resolution for 2004!
Yvette S

Just wanted to tell you how much my kids and I enjoy this screensaver. I've sent it on to everyone I know. I'm ashamed to say I haven't registered it yet but its been a hard year. But whenever I get an extra 10 dollars I will. (maybe I can borrow it from my son, he always seems to have money...hmmmm) I have it set with the ocean sounds and the cat likes to sleep next to the computer at night and listen to the soothing sounds. My kids enjoy seeing the moon phases and then running outside to see if it looks the same.
It's the small things in life that give us pleasure and there are so few things that are nice anymore, so once again , thanks for a relaxing enjoyable screensaver that brings a smile to my face.
Yvette s. , jacob and daniel (and "the cat")

Michael Derbyshire

I am into Computers for almost 10 years now. I have seen all kinds of programs.

But your little program here is so nice and so beautiful, I have never experienced something like this before. Your lullaby-music is so tender and caring, giving peace and rest.
I would like to thank you very much for this little helper, you have given me so much peace and comfort.

Dennis Tardan and Melissa Roth, Victoria, TX, USA

Starmessage reminds us to our connectivity to the world through the internet.  How else would we have heard about it?  We are all in this together and whatever solutions to our problems will come, they will come through unconventional channels.  Starmessage is just one such channel and we are proud to be a user, promoter and supporter of StarMessage.

Debra V.

Watch a swirl of stars form any message you desire in the sky! If I ever require support, the reply is fast, pleasant & courteous. Creator is eager to listen to requests or comments & happy to please. Tranquil and customizable, this screensaver is a great bargain. Use any message to suit your mood or voice your opinion. Changed my hard drive at least three times and always make it one of my first priorities to download the latest version of this gem. Thank you for all the years of pleasure this screensaver has brought to me.

Shelly Cambell

I am fascinated with astronomy. I consider myself a stargazer also. My planet is the moon & I feel an affinity with it. I was born under the sign of Cancer and my rising sign is Pisces. I am a writer and I write underneath a skylight window; writing by the light of the sensual moon. When I'm still up at 2:00 a.m. writing, I can pull up the screen of my skylight and refresh my tired mind by sticking my head out the window and getting a glimpse of the night sky. Recently Saturn has cast an angelic light on the moon. I was elated to have Saturn visible from this window, standing out like a sentinel in the sky for all to see. Last night it was there just for me. No one in the world had the exact same view as I had; being in the flow of the universe, with Saturn's disciplinary influence in full force, I am able to write better than I had imagined. There was a time, not so long ago, that I my mounting disbelief in my ability to get my book down on paper had exhausted my desire and determination. The stars led me to believe otherwise. And now I humbly refer to myself as Paige reinforce my conviction that I am a true
writer; and the words just keep coming. My book will be completed within the year. I expect it to be a best-seller. There is no reason for me to expect anything less. The stars keep me company at night, and to my delight, help me
fill in all the blanks, when I've lost my train of thought. Your, 'moon in the night sky' screensaver brings me joy and assists me in continuing to think galactically. Thank you.

Bill Seiler
(a user for over seven years)

Not only a fun light show to impress your friends, but also a great way to advertise your company name with a scrolling slogan. It is a one-of-a-kind attention getter!

Michael J. Veverka

"Awesome display and graphics"
I have always enjoyed sitting outside and watch the night sky. Now I can watch it indoors on cold nights. I use it for everything, It's great for reminders. The moon phase really got me. This is truly the best work of art I have seen in a screensaver. GREAT JOB Michael! P.S. You have a good name too by the way. 


"Lasting appeal - pure magic"
The only screensaver I ever used for over 2 years and still going strong. It might be a cloudy day but this will keep you in touch with the sky and the moon and the stars. We could all do with more of that! 

Nick in Ireland

StarMessage is charming and magical. There's no other software that'll keep you in touch with the moon and the stars in quite the same way (and the world needs more of that!)

It's the only screensaver I've liked so much that it was worth buying, and its appeal has lasted - StarMessage has been saving my screen (mainly from an absence of nature) for over two years now. 
Thanks, Michael, for making something that's such a pleasure to use.

Kathleen Indermill

For someone who doesn't pay for ANYTHING, I couldn't wait to register.  It's unique, fun and easy to use.


"Original and well executed."
Unusual and definitely NOT like other screensavers. I like the fact that it stands apart in originality of concept and design and provides something that is actually pleasing and relaxing to look at.


"Easy and interesting to use"
I have been disappointed with other savers due the predominance of cheesy, obnoxious, or sickeningly sweet graphics. This is a great screensaver, subtle and interesting. I like the fact that this is not a hard program to use. It installs easily and set-up is a piece of cake. I love that you can customize just about everything. The graphics are nice and dark, so it blends well with the overall night theme I have going on. Plus, the tech support is easy to use and the maker WANTS you to tell him what you think! Well worth the small amount of money the designer asks if you want to keep it


"Entertaining, Clever and Informative"
I love the variety of this screen saver, not to mention the humor. Great for those who have their head in the stars!


"I love my star message screensaver!"
Star Message is great, it was easy for me to install, it is easy to change options. Michael integrates his own humor and personality in with program. It's alot of fun to play with and use.


Not only beautiful images, but useful ones too, as well as intelligent comments on the state of the world and life in general. Obviously the product of someone who is both way into computers and using them for beauty, but also a conscious being sharing his awareness with the rest of humanity. 
100% wonderful!


"Unique, customizable, and fun screensaver!"
Why can't more people make great screensavers like this? Unique and fun to customize with your own text. Much more interesting than static pictures or swimming fish -- who doesn't get a kick out of seeing their messages spelled out in twinkling stars? Well worth the investment. Thanks Michael!


"could we grab a flower without falling a star?"
Love-love-love A bit of science. See the moon today, leave a message for her. See the message of the stars. Send messages to other users of this romantic screensaver. Buy it, and buy a piece of the Greek hearts! Say it with flowers...


"The best yet!!"
I have had this program for several years and I am glad to have the opportunity to brag about it. Michael's genius is apparent in StarMessage, a unique screensaver that is actually fun! It is the only screensaver I will ever use. It is a creatively, delightfully, imaginative gift that anyone would appreciate. I am enamored with it!!! Thank you Michael for sharing your gifted talent!!!!!!


Please keep this beautiful Screensaver going, it tickles all the wonders we all have inside of us. 


"Fantastic and cheap too!"
Found this on a screensaver site a few days ago, and had to register it straight away! The quality is excellent, and I don't think I'll ever remove it from my computer.


"A Very Creative Screensaver"
I really liked it. I never rate stuff, but I had to stop to rate this one. I am having so much fun with this one. The only bad thing costs money!!!! Just kidding. It's well worth it. Job well done. :-)


"Romantic and Good"
I found this program today and my wife and I just quit smoking today after years and we leave each other messages with the stars supporting each other. It is a very helpful program and very romantic. Also, the directions are not very difficult to understand on how to use the program. Good Work. Oh and I also like the pranks that are on the program. Download it...... It is worth it :)


I used this program back when it was "Postcard Ware" and sent the creator a postcard. I lost the program for a time, but was very happy to discover the new version with more features. My fiancé enjoys the messages that I leave for her. ;)


"Really a fantastic screensaver"
This is only the second screensaver I have ever paid for, the first was on sale at Staples! I really love this screensaver, I actually bought 2 copies for different computers


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