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The StarMessage Diary software

"My dear diary,
this is the first time I use an electronic diary program and am very pleased with the StarMessage Diary. I stopped worrying about keeping you safe and private; writing is now pure pleasure."
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Every day is bringing beautiful new emotions! Keep your thoughts and feelings forever inside your personal diary.

The StarMessage diary software is an excellent way to keep a personal journal of day to day thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, ideas and important events of your life.


The program looks like a real personal diary so you can start using it right away. You can write entries for the present, past, or even the future. You can use it as a planner or a calendar by leaving notes to yourself to remind you of things you have to do. You can even copy-paste information from any other windows application.

If you really like keeping a personal diary, the StarMessage diary will allow you to concentrate on the pleasure of writing, away from the care for securing your writings from other's eyes, preserving them in good condition for the years to come, avoiding accidental damages or a complete loss.

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  download diaries
for just US$16.95
(downloadable version
for windows)

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The StarMessage Diary keeping software is designed to operate perfectly in all 32 bit versions of Microsoft windows, including Vista.

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StarMessage Diary is the perfect accompaniment to a personal computer. I love the concept and format of the program. No longer do I feel as if i must jot down incidental notes on the large screen and program of word processor (which we all know makes big files with hardly anything in them, let alone how such wordprocessor files are stored on the disk)...The starmessage diary is an aesthetically appealing and pragmatic application. So far, not being confronted with the monstrocity of a big WordProcessor, I've been able to make some truly good writing on the spur of the moment. And the StarMessage Diary is always available and handy. You've fulfilled a need and it is very useful, enjoyable and gives a person a personal sense of what "diary's" are about.

Thank you ...


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Easy to use
Special care was taken to avoid overpopulated menus that cause confusion to the user. An optimized program interface was designed to let you easily access the options you really care about. You can start using the program immediately after installation.

Security and privacy
Be sure your secrets will remain Secret! The StarMessage Diary stores your personal entries in a single, compressed and encrypted diary file. If a user does not know the password you used for your diary, he will not be able to open it. The StarMessage Diary uses a variation of the blowfish state-of-the-art encryption algorithm.
However, please make sure you do not lose your password; You will not be able to open this diary file again!

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Password protection for the personal journal  file

birthday aniversary reminder calendarBirthday and anniversary reminder (NEW)
We have added a birthday and anniversary reminder, so that each day in the diary, reminds you about the important events of that date.

A separate diary for everyone in your family
Multiple users can use the StarMessage Diary on a single computer to keep their own personal diary. Each diary is stored in a different diary file, so that there no chance of accidentally having mixed entries from different diaries. The program can facilitate an unlimited number of diaries, so everyone in your family/office can have his or her own personal diary.

Your family history for your grand children
As well as writing your personal stories in a diary, you can also write your family history.

Simple Installation / Removal
The software is distributed in a single installation executable with complete installation and removal support. If for any reason you wish to uninstall the diary, you can do that easily without leaving any files in your computer.

icons for the computerOptical decoration
For each diary day you can select from the built-in colorful icons to describe your mood for that day.

Familiar windows style of use
Cut, Copy, and Paste formatted text to and from other Windows documents.

No web access is required to use the program
The StarMessage diary is a standard windows program and operates solely on your computer. You will not need web access or internet connection to write your diary.

Export any or all of your diary entries in Rich Text Format (RTF) for use in other word processing or Windows programs.

Full Text formatting
Decorate your entries with bold, italics, underlining! Use your choice of fonts! The StarMessage diary provides full text formatting and font control using any Windows TrueType font installed on your PC.

Customer Support
When using the Diary, you will find that there are minimal needs for support. However, for the cases where questions arise or you need any technical help, we provide technical support via email, free of charge.

Buy online to save money and protect the environment from wasted packaging material, transportation fuel, energy consumption during manufacturing.
Preserve your thoughts forever.
Writing your thoughts in the StarMessage Diary is a very effective way to preserve them for the decades to come. Your grand children will find fascinating to read the original stories of their grandparents.

Backups / restores
The StarMessage Diary features a built-in backup and restore facility, and always maintains one backup of your diary. Benefit over traditional diaries, of which you do not have any backup solution to prevent a loss.

Benefits over online diaries
The StarMessage Diary has clear benefits over the online diaries. An online diary cannot guaranty the privacy of your personal data. You can never be sure that the company offering the service will always be in business in the years to come. Your data might be lost after a hacker attack to the online server.
The StarMessage Diary stores your data locally, so they cannot get into unknown hands. The state of the art encryption protects them from non authorized eyes. Since the program stays in your computer you are not affected by any change in the company that created the software.

personal calendarSave time
Review your past entries easily! The journal makes reviewing your previous entries as simple as looking at a calendar. Check out yesterday, or skim to last month, or see an entry from years ago with no more effort than a mouse click or a keystroke.

Use it as a planner
You can use the diary also as a planner for your future tasks. You can Plan days in the future....
Leave "future notes" to yourself! The StarMessage diary allows an entry to be placed on any date: past, present or future!

Free updates
By registering the StarMessage Diary, you will also get priority customer support and free updates to all future versions of the program.

» Click here to Register the StarMessage Diary.

Not yet convinced that this is the right personal diary software for you?
You can benefit from our totally free "test drive" offer. We have created a trial version that you can use to evaluate the program before you decide to buy it. This offer has no obligations for you.

download personal free diary
» Click here to get the free trial version
(If you already purchased a license, you can apply the activation
code to this "trial" version to convert it to the full version)

After the download, when you run the installation, you may receive a windows message about an "unknown publisher". You can safely ignore that message.
For more information about that warning click here.


Quality Software  

No spyware / adware components
The Diary comes in a clean installation file, without any kind of 3rd party software, like annoying components known as "SpyWare" and "AdWare" that are mostly found in freeware programs.

Developed by professionals
The diary is developed by a team of highly experienced IT professionals. It does not interfere with the normal operation of your computer like other poorly programmed software that may even disrupt some of the operations of your PC.

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Keep an electronic diary of your memories download personal online  SOFTDLL CLEAN! AWARD
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program for windows, and an computer diarys offer for a free download
List of features
¤ Easy and fun to use.
¤ Looks and works just like a real diary.
¤ Birthday and anniversary calendar.
¤ High security, password protected diary file.
¤ Separate diary files for each member of your family.
¤ Export to RTF.
¤ Background skins with space images.
¤ Unlimited number of diary entries anywhere from year 1900 to 2100.
¤ User selectable fonts, colors, sizes, and styles for text and paragraphs.
¤ No spy-ware or ad-ware components.
¤ Simple installation and removal procedure.
¤ Affordable price.
¤ Free technical support via email.

womans memories
¤ Stop taking special care to secure your diary.
¤ Be sure that no one else can open your personal diary.
¤ Use it at home or at work.
¤ Save time - Find the information you need quickly and easily.


Registration Options
¤ We accept payments through, an established industry leader on payment processing, specialized in software products.
¤ RegNow uses the highest available level of SSL encryption to offer secure online transactions and credit card processing.
¤ Payment options include PayPal, credit card, fax, phone, money orders or checks.
  Click here to
download diaries
for just US$16.95 and make the diary yours!
¤ Registration is an one time small fee and  contains free updates to future versions of the Diary.

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Minimal requirements from your PC
The diary file is stored in a compressed form to save system resources of your computer. The diary program has very little system demands from your computer. So you can use the StarMessage Diary even in an old computer.

Cut costs / preserve the environment
The distribution of the StarMessage Diary is done electronically via internet downloads. Electronic distribution allows us to cut costs, offer the complete product at a fraction of its normal price and at the same time preserve the environment from unwanted package manufacturing and disposal.

Fast delivery
Special care has been taken to keep a small size of the diary installation file, so the download is fast and without interruptions. The download just takes about 2 ~ 3 minutes on a dialup modem.

Your everyday thoughts and memories deserve it. Register your StarMessage Diary now.



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