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How can I install the StarMessage Diary?
Find here the installation guide »

When I register the product will my diary entries be preserved?
Of course! After registering the product you can keep on using it normally.

How many diaries I can create with one license?
There is no limit on the number of separate diaries that can be created, so every member of your family can have his/her own diary.

In order to create a new diary, select the option *Create New Diary* on the drop-down list of the initial screen. You will be prompted for its secret password (every diary can have a different password).

How do I backup the diary file to save it from possible hard disk failures?
To backup your diary, simply copy the diary file (usually named "My diary") to a floppy disk or to a CD. You can view the exact file name of your diary file at the password screen of the StarMessage Diary. To verify that you are copying the correct file, check its properties and see if the date is the date you last updated your diary entries.

Password protection for the personal diary file

Version history
  • Easier restore function
  • Improved Vista compatibility
  • Spell checker
  • Full text search capability
  • URL address detection in the diary entries text
  • Configurable starting weekdays and English day names
  • Zodiac signs icons are now fixed.
  • Added birthday and anniversary reminder
  • Default font is applied to new entries


I am a registered customer running an older version of the program. How do I install the latest version without loosing my diary file and my license?
The latest released version of the diary is v3.1, available in the "Free Download" menu link.
You can see which version you have installed on your computer from the title bar of the diary screen. It should display something like "The StarMessage Diary vX.X".

  1. Backup your diary.

  2. Keep a note of the folder where the StarMessage Diary is installed.

  3. Uninstall the StarMessage Diary from your computer.

  4. Download the latest version from our site.

  5. Install it in the same folder as in step 2.

  6. Done!

How do I restore another diary file stored in my backup CD?

In order to "restore" your backup you must:

  1. Run the program
  2. From the drop-down list, instead of selecting a new or existing diary, just select the "RESTORE DIARY FROM BACKUP" option
  3. Click NEXT
  4. The program will ask you the location of your backed-up diary and its password.

Only if the passwords match, then the diary will be restored. This is a security measure that existed since version 1.0, as a lot of people where trying to restore other persons backups they didn't have the correct password.
Make sure that you create regular backups of your diary and save the backups on a different disk or on a CDR.

How do I move the diary program and my diary file to another computer?

  1. Open the diary on your OLD computer

  2. Click [TOOLS] -> [BACKUP/RESTORE] and choose BACKUP to make a copy of of your diary to floppy disk (or other media like a USB flash disk)

    Now you have a backup of your diary...

  3. Install the diary application to your NEW computer.

  4. Create a NEW EMPTY diary and open this empty diary.

  5. Click [TOOLS] -> [BACKUP/RESTORE] and RESTORE the file you had backed up from step (2). All your previously written entries will be restored.

  6. Enjoy!

I get an error when trying to open the downloaded ZIP setup file.
Our software is distributed inside a ZIP compressed file. If a ZIP utility (e.g. WinZip) is not properly installed on your computer, you may get an error when trying to open the file you just downloaded. A quick solution is to use this link:
to download the EXE version of the Diary and install it to your computer.

After you install the program in your computer, you will be able to use it. If you have purchased a license, you can follow the instructions described in the registration code email to apply your license into the program. This will automatically convert the trial version that you installed, into the full version of the program.

How do I search in the diary entries?
The StarMessage diary has a keyword search.
Click 'BROWSE', fill the "SEARCH FOR" box with the word you are searching.
Make sure you have the "Full Context Search" checkbox checked. This searches single words or entire phrases.

My selected font does not remain as default the next time I use the diary.
Please upgrade to the latest version of the diary which solves this issue and use the "Tools" -> "Set font language" to select a new default font type and size.
Please note that the new default font applies only to the new entries you will create; it does not affect the existing entries.

When is the diary file saved?
Once you write/modify an entry, clicking EXIT always saves the diary.

If you shut down the computer without exiting the diary, this may not leave the diary enough time to save its data, depending on the speed that your computer shuts down (and other parameters as i.e the size of your diary file).

So, if you shutdown windows without exiting the diary, you are risking of loosing the last entries that you wrote.  It is advisable that you exit the diary before you turn off your computer.

It is not easy to scroll up and down in the text.
Right click on the text, and select the option to show the Scrollbar. That will show the scrollbar, when ever the lines are many and cannot fit into the text area.

What does RTF mean?
RTF is a file format compatible with most word processing software like Microsoft word. It actually is an acronym for "Rich Text Format".

I forgot the password to open my diary
If you forget your diary password, there is no way to retrieve it as the Diary uses strong 256bit irreversible encryption. So please be careful not to mistype or forget it!

Even if you sent your diary to us, we have no means to recover your password. There is no default password either.

Many times we've had a request unlock a diary but, since a genetic password  would create a large security compromise we didn't implement it. In addition, we had no way of ensuring that the true owners of the diary were making those requests.

In any case, we advice to try entering your password somehow differently (maybe you wrote some or all password characters in uppercase, or in a different language etc).

If that does not help, we advice of creating a new diary - write something inside - and testing your password just to make sure.

I have just changed the password of diary and forgot the new password
The diary automatically makes ONE backup of your diary each time you save it. You can RESTORE this special backup since this was encrypted using YOUR OLD password.
Follow the instructions above to restore the diary

How do I cut and paste an entry to another day?
Please go to the first day, press CTRL-A to select all the text and CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard. Then, go to the new day, and press CTRL-V to paste the information.

On which operating systems and computers does the software run?
Our software is compatible with all the 32 bit versions of Microsoft windows, including Vista. Please download the latest version of the software.
downloads for windows 95 and windows 98 - current  moon phasessoftware for windows NTsoftware for windows MEsoftware for windows 2000downloads for windows XP
Does your software run on MacOS,MacOSX / Macintosh /Apple computers?
As you can see both in our main product pages and in our ordering pages, our software is designed to work on Windows operating system. There are no planned versions for MacOS and Macintosh computers. If you have a windows simulation program installed on your Apple/MAC computer, you can try the free version of our program to see if its runs on your Macintosh.

When trying to install the program, I get a remark about an "unknown publisher".
download from internet security warning unknown publisherThis remark automatically comes out from windows XP whenever you download programs from the internet and the program is not "digitally signed by an established authority". The procedure to "digitally sign" a program is very expensive and not used by mid/small sized companies. Only big companies can afford to digitally sign their programs. Therefore, the majority of the programs available for download, will also show this message.

You can safely ignore that message for our products
that are downloaded from our official download locations.

Whenever you download programs from the internet you should make sure you download them from their original site. For example, you must avoid downloading programs from other users via a p2p file sharing utility.

The "official" download locations for our software are:
StarMessage screensaver:

The StarMessage Diary:



Do you accept payments via PayPal?
Of course! When you click on the Buy Now link, select US dollars as the preferred currency and in the next screen you will have the option to select PayPal. If you are in a country other that US with a different local currency, selecting US dollars does not affect the actual amount that this product costs.

Can I pay for the program without using my credit card?
Yes, Please go the normal way to the registration page, select the currency you prefer press ORDER and in the next screen select the "Check/money order" option (instead of "credit Card").
Who do I make the check payment to?
Please start the ordering procedure from the normal link and select check/money order as your payment method. Then you will be given the payment address and the order ID to write on you check. Please follow those instructions
Do you have an agent that resells the program in my country?
Currently, our programs are distributed electronically (via downloads) and the payments are done online. These two options allows us to "distribute" our products virtually to the whole planet, while maintaining a very low price from which our customers benefit.
I sent you an email to request support, but I haven't had any response.
We reply to all email requiring for support with priority to the registered users. Common reasons why you did not get an answer are:
- Your email spam filters have blocked our answer email. Please check your email blocking rules.
- You have mistyped your email address. Please check the email address.
- Your email was blocked by our email filters. Please resend your question.
How do I send you a screenshot of a technical problem that I see?
A picture is worth 1000 words, they say. If you see something is wrong with the program, press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard.
You have now placed a screenshot in the clipboard.
You can now go to Microsoft word or to Microsoft Paint (Start->Accessories->Paint), PASTE the image in a new file and send that file to us.


I enjoy this software. Do you have other products?
Other Great Products
Please have a look at our selected software products

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diary software for windows, and an offer for a free diary to download for PC

Registration Options
¤ We accept payments through, an established industry leader on payment processing, specialized in software products.
¤ RegNow uses the highest available level of SSL encryption to offer secure online transactions and credit card processing.
¤ Payment options include PayPal, credit card, fax, phone, money orders or checks.
  Click here to
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for just US$16.95 and make the diary yours!
¤ Registration is an one time small fee and  contains free updates to future versions of the Diary.



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For webmasters
diary software pad file downloadSoftware portals can use the StarMessage Diary PAD file to include the diary in their catalogs.
Affiliate accounts are available through RegNow.
Product ID: 1476-2.

How to become an affiliate...

Is there a way to edit the name of specific diaries once they have been created?
A diary renaming option, will be included it in the next version of the program. If you want to manually rename a diary file please follow these instructions:

  • Open the Starmessage Diary and backup your diary file (just to be safe) using the backup option (under tools -> backup).
    Exit from the starmessage diary (IMPORTANT)
  •  Go to the folder where you installed the diary
    (possibly "C:\Program Files\The StarMessage Diary\")
  • There, among other files you will see your diary file for example mydiary.dry
  • Rename it anything you want.dry (IMPORTANT: keep the .dry extension !)
  • e) Open the diary and you will see it in the list of diaries

We strongly suggest though, to wait for version 1.5 which will have a simple renaming option.

Your everyday thoughts and memories deserve it.
Register your StarMessage Diary now.

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