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Get Reminded of Friends Birthdays - Send a Birthday Card Or Invitation to a Birthday Party

Birthday Reminder and Happy Birthday Software for Windows

Invite friends to a crazy birthday or an elegant dinner party, nothing is more impressive than being able to design your own invitations.

New! Birthday Cards, Invites and Reminders


  • Invite friends to a birthday or dinner
  • Remind friends and Family of your even
  • Send Birthday cards friends and family
  • Add your own images
  • Author: Freeze.com



  • Add Task wizard from the tray icon
  • Type "your family member or friends name and birthday" in the Title field and "on 20th of December" in the Notes field. This is the message that will appear to alert you
  • Set the date/time to 15th of December (in order to be reminded five days before her next birthday). Check the Repeat task checkbox and choose the "every 1 year(s)" radio button.
    Click on the "Next >>" button
  • Select the "happybirthday.wav" sound and click on the "Finish" button. Your first anniversary reminder is set
  • When the reminder pops up on 15th of December and you are notified about a birthday, click on the Snooze button and choose "snooze for 1 day" in case you want to be notified again the next day. You can snooze the birthday task until the 20th of December. Then press the Dismiss button an the task will be set to fire again next year at 15th of December
  • Author: StarMessage.info

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