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How to install the StarMessage Diary

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Step by Step guide
1. Visit the StarMessage Diary homepage on the internet

The page will inform you about the features of the Diary.

The program runs on Windows Computers. There is no MAC version available.

2. Download and install the Diary

You must use a windows account with administrative rights to install the diary program. If your account is a guest or a limited account, log-off from the current account and login with an administrator account.

From the StarMessage Diary home page, click on the "free download" link to download the trial version of the Diary. Or you can use this direct link to start the download:

You will see a window like the following:

Click on Run.

This will start the download window which looks like this:

When the download completes you will see the window's warning about the downloaded file. Since you downloaded this file from the official StarMessage website, you can safely ignore the message and press Run.

You can read more about this security warning message here »

The installation "wizard" will appear, to assist you with the installation. Normally, all options are preconfigured to the most popular settings, so you just need to hit the "next" button to proceed with the installation of the diary.

Press Next.

Follow the installation instructions.

Congratulations! This is the end of the installation. You do not have to follow this procedure again, since the diary is now stored on your computer.

diary software for windows, and an offer for a free diary to download for PC

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diary software pad file downloadSoftware portals can use the StarMessage Diary PAD file to include the diary in their catalogs.
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